6-Week Training Programme (English)

At work the never-ending call to do more work in shorter time can give rise to pain, emotional turmoil and stress. Symptoms like emotional pain, being disaffected and partly also burn out etc. are on the agenda and the cohesion in organizations suffers very often.

This change is underpinned to be continuously successful, to reach higher performance in shorter working hours, the pressure to lower costs and at the same time to achieve an appropriate contribution margin of the sold service or product.

Cultivating self-compassion and developing impartiality, interdependence and empathy enhances our sense of connection to and on others. It can serve as an opportunity to reflect on many ways in which others, often unkown to us, have benefited us in many other ways.

Aim of this research is to enhance self-compassion and psychological well-being of team members in organizations and promote positive relations.

Take 5 minutes to inform you about the project as well as your consent to particpate at our research training and send us your confirmation.

Many thanks.