Consent to participate in my research study


Consent to participate in a research Study

Can a 6 week self-compassion online-intervention program enhance self-compassion and psychological well-being of team members in organizations and promote positive relations?

I have read the information sheet relating to the above research study and have been given a copy to keep. The nature and purposes of the research have been explained to me, and I have had the opportunity to discuss the details and ask questions about this information. I understand what is being proposed and the procedures in which I will be involved have been explained to me.

I understand that my involvement in this study, and particular data from this research, will remain strictly confidential. Only the researcher(s) involved in the study will have access to identifying data. It has been explained to me what will happen once the research study has been completed.

I hereby freely and fully consent to participate in the study which has been fully explained to me. Having given this consent I understand that I have the right to withdraw from the study at any time without disadvantage to myself and without being obliged to give any reason. I also understand that should I withdraw, the researcher reserves the right to use my anonymous data in the write-up of the study and in any further analysis that may be conducted by the researcher.

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Researcher’s Name

Luciano Cavallo

Date: November 2017

The consent document can be downloaded here and you are politely asked to send it to us signed at You can also confirm your participation with the webform below.

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