Information about the research study


School of Psychology

Stratford Campus

Water Lane

London E15 4LZ

The Principal Investigator(s)

Luciano Cavallo


Consent to Participate in a Research Study

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with the information that you need to consider in deciding whether to participate a research study. The study is being conducted as part of my Master of Science in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology degree at the University of East London.

Project Title

Can a 1- 6 week self-compassion online-intervention program enhance self-compassion and psychological well-being of team members in organizations and promote positive relations?

Project Description

At work the never-ending call to do more work in shorter time can give rise to pain, emotional turmoil and stress. Symptoms like emotional pain, being disaffected and partly also burn out etc. are on the agenda and the cohesion in organizations suffers very often.

This change is underpinned to be continuously successful, to reach higher performance in shorter working hours, the pressure to lower costs and at the same time to achieve an appropriate contribution margin of the sold service or product.

Cultivating self-compassion and developing impartiality, interdependence and empathy enhances our sense of connection to and on others. It can serve as an opportunity to reflect on many ways in which others, often unkown to us, have benefited us in many other ways.

Aim of this research is to enhance self-compassion and psychological well-being of team members in organizations and promote positive relations.

Participants will have access to the website until 31.03.2017 where the online-intervention program will guide them through the weekly exercises. In case participants only want to complete part of the training, they can put together the individual weeks. Already after 2 weeks the first positive results can be expected . The website is free of advertising and simply structured, as it only aims to explain the training sessions.

Participants will be asked to complete anonymously 2 online-questionnaires, before and after the interventions (1 - 6 weeks later).

The training program itself comes from the practical exercises of Dr. Kristin Neff ( and will be integrated for the first time in the daily work of participants from the energy industry, community administration and consultancy.

Self-compassion will be measured using the Self-Compassion Scale (Neff, K. D. (2003). Development and validation of a scale to measure self-compassion. Self and Identity, 2, 223-250). Psychological wellbeing will be measured using the Scales of Psychological Wellbeing Inventory, both before and after the interventions (Ryff, C.D & Singer, B.(1998): The contours of positive huma helth. Psychological Inquiry, 9, 1-28).

In the event that any hazard is anticipated or perceived with any stage of the research then a proper risk assessment will be undertaken and the findings acted upon.

Confidentiality of the Data

Data will be collected online and stored in an EXCEL database for the purpose of data analysis.

The researcher reserves the right to use all anonymous data in the write-up of the study and in any further analysis.


The study will be carried out in the organizations. Some participants might prefer to apply the interventions in private surroundings.


Participation is free of charge.


You are not obliged to take part in this study and should not feel coerced. You are free to withdraw at any time. Should you choose to withdraw from the study you may do so without disadvantage to yourself and without any obligation to give a reason. Should you withdraw, the researcher reserves the right to use your anonymised data in the write-up of the study and any further analysis that may be conducted by the researcher.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. If you are happy to continue you will be asked to sign a consent form prior to your participation. Please retain this invitation letter for reference.

If you have any questions or concerns about how the study has been conducted, please contact the study’s supervisors Dr Rona Hart or Dr Marie Stopforth, School of Psychology, University of East London, Water Lane, London E15 4LZ. Tel: 02082234484. Email: or


Chair of the School of Psychology Research Ethics Sub-committee: Dr. Mary Spiller, School of Psychology, University of East London, Water Lane, London E15 4LZ.

(Tel: 020 8223 4004. Email:

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Luciano Cavallo